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Address Chongqing city Tongliang County East Street office Tashan Street No. 666

 Chongqing Bachuan International High School
Brief introduction

Chongqing Bachuan International High School and Middle School is located in the hometown of the Chinese dragon – Chongqing, Tongliang.  Our school opened in 2012, and we share the campus with Bachuan Middle School, Bachuan High School and Bachuan Mini classes.  The building where our school is located has 146 rooms, each of which is equipped a multimedia technology.  Our campus houses over 9,000 students and dormitories are conveniently located, so students can walk to class each day.  There are student and staff dining areas where meals are available each day at a nominal cost.  
Because the development of the mind and body is an important aspect of our educational philosophy, the campus of the school has a sports stadium that is used for track and field, events, concerts and flag raising ceremonies.  There is an outdoor basketball court area that is equipped with multiple courts as well as ping pong tables for student recreation.  Students are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of clubs and activities that includes badminton, basketball and exercising in our workout room.
Artwork and thought provoking quotations are prevalent in the classrooms, and student work is displayed in the classrooms, corridors and hallways of the various campus buildings. 
The school day begins at 7:25 AM, for morning reading and students attend 5 – 40 minute classes in the morning session.  There is a 2 hour break for lunch, and classes resume until 5:10 PM.  This is followed by club and activity time when students are allowed to choose the type of activity that they will do during this 50 minute period before dinner time.  Some of the more popular clubs have been exercise club, basketball club, and Japanese club.  The dinner break is approximately 40 minutes, and students begin the evening session of study hall, which includes time for them to do their homework and study, as well as working in the reading lab. 
Wednesday afternoons, during club time, there is a wide array of activities for the student body as a whole.   These activities include community service, appreciation of Chinese culture, competitions between grades and performances.  Last year students climbed a mountain, visited a school for special students, visited a fire station, and competed in a variety of English speaking contests.
Music education is an important part of the curriculum at Chongqing Bachuan International High School.  Every high school student is trained to play a musical instrument and participate in the school band.